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Plucom OneBusiness provides all the tools you need to run your business much better.

OneBusiness  will help you to manage your business retail stores and inventory, manage customers/clients services and invoicing and payments. Manage all products and services in one place with top business management tools, save time and cost. OneBusiness Its comes with fully integrated financially accounting modules that will let you to focus on the most important aspect of your business while the software takes good care of the processes.

Get unparallel freedom of choice, boost your business value with customer-proven best practice and simplify your business infrastructure for alignment and scale. Plucom OneBusiness is an essential and powerful tool you need to transform your businesses management and move it to the next level.
Unlimited products Easy to use
Unlimited services Scalable
Unlimited invoices Flexible
Unlimited customers Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
Reports & data analytics Secured access
Integrated financial accounting 24/7 support
E-commerce integration    

Enjoy the flexibility, speed, scalability, and ease of business management

From basic products management and services billing & invoicing to sales order creation and fulfillment, payments and expenditures posting  to fully operational management and financial accounting reporting, Plucom OneBusiness is an automated system  that streamline business operations and processes while giving business owners greater visibility and control. Whether you are running a small business or a big enterprise, OneBusiness is the solution you need for managing your entire business. 

Improve business efficiency, productivity and profits with our Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software. You can choose from ranges of our software products that fit your business needs, scalability of our applications make it easy for you to select the modules you wish to implement now and can add more later.
Monitor your business Manage products & services Management & financial reports
All that you need to monitor your business accounts. It will help you to reduce running cost, eliminate losses, ensures accountabilities and record accuracies. Gain 100% control of your business with just little time and attention. Easily set up your products and services, make retail product sales, create services billing for clinet/customers and track invoices and payments. Get real-time inventory report, sales report and customer reports. Track sales and customers on realtime, spot trends, gain insight and manage your business with just few click.
Generate income & expenses report, transaction report and financial accouting reports.

OneBusiness Features

OneBusiness comes with user-friendly feature-rich modules.
The best solution for your business.
SalesPro is comprehensive and simple to use software with stack of useful functionalities and features.
Achieve more with less effort with OneBusiness.
Sale POS Sales Order Invoicing
Services Promotional Price Expenses Tax
Discount Stock management Payments Receipts
Inventory adjustment Item return Part payment Dashboard
Customer Reports Financial Accounting Products
Barcode scanner Purchase Recurring invoice  

Other Integratable Products
Customers Relationship Management Integrated Financial & Accounting Appointment Management
Procurements & Requisition  Management Store Management Human Resources & Payroll
Projects & Facilities Management Support Help Desk Management  

Retail Products Sales

It feature easy to use retail Point Of Sale modules with easy order check out process to sell your products.
Retail Managment System Inventory management Point Of Sale check out process
Manage financial reporting, accounting and operations of your retail stores by integrating your core business processes such as point os sale, customer ralationship management, inventory managemement accounting, human resources, marketing and ecommerce. Manage product categories, setup all products, manage suppliers purchase orders, product pricing,  stock in, inventory adjustments and print stock report, sales orders, stock reconciliation and transaction summary.

Point Of Sale check out process help to easily sell products. Add product to cart and check out will quickly generable invoice for customer, post payments collected and issue receipt to customer.

Customers/Clients Services Management 

Manage all client services and billing in one  place.
The application supports one-off services billing and recurring billings

Services billing and invoicing Recurring services billing
Setup and manage all services, service pricing and clients. Service billing allow you to quickly bill your clients or customers, send invoice and post payments collected. See all unpaid invoice and follow for payments. Setup recurring service billing for your customers/clients. This is use for a subcription based services. Service renewal invoice is automatically created once paymet is due.

Financial Accounting Management 

Get the report you seek at a click.
Monthlu sales report, sales summary, customer report, debtors report, purchase order report, expenditure report, stock report, inventory report and all other financial accounnting report such as income statement, trial balance, etc.
Fully Integrated Accounting Income & Expenses
Fully integrated accounting functionalities include for transaction management. Support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices. Accounting tasks are breaks down into basic steps, enabling Realtors with limited accounting knowledge to complete even the most complex tasks.. Financial management module enable easy creation of rents invoices and services billing, post payments, record expenses and discursements, generate client statements and income and expenses reports.

Customer Data Management

Sophisticated customer database solution that helps in human resource management with ease, consistency and accuracy.
Customers database Contacts & communication
Businesses that have a customer list and stay in touch with them always win. RentPro automatically store all contact details in a seperate page for easy access and communications. There are modules to send quick sms to contacts as well as send emails. Ability to send sms and email notification at some points. Some notifications are automated like transaction, reminders, etc.
There is also module to send group notice or campaign.

eCommerce Integation

Your store can be integrated with ecommerce web store for your customer to place order online and perform check out process.
Do let us know if you wish to implement our WebShop with your Point Of Sale integration.
Get everything you need to start selling online.
flexibility sell anywhere spot trends
offers functionalities flexibility, very easy to use, user-friendly interface, low cost of deployment and maintenance. sell your products online, anytime, anywhere, everywhere. With Webshop, you get your store catalogue to your customer faster like never before. track sales and customers on realtime, spot trends, gain insight on how to improve sales

Key Benefits of OneBusiness

Sophisticated employee database solution that helps in human resource management with ease, consistency and accuracy.
Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent in managing staff records
Improve Efficiency Quick & Easy Improve Communication
OneBusiness improves efficiency of business management by providing real-time data access and accounts management of all sales, purchases with loads of analytical data. OneBusiness powerfull dashboard offers the quickiest way of managing and setting up products, services, add customer, making sales and collect payments all in one page. Contacts and communications with customers and suppliers cannot be easier. View contacts details, send sms or email to individual or group.
Improved workflow efficiency Keeping track Services billing made easy
Flow of transactional data from one process to another is achieved. All business operation and departmental workflow is already automated. All operational and management activities can be track online and realtime. With intutitive dashboards one can easy glance through key figures to make instant decision and know status of things. Invoicing for services is decentralized as every users have access to the system cross multiple locations. This save time and reduce loss as result of bill skipping


Affordable pricing for everyone.
Use the price calculator to know actual price.

OneBusiness Professional Plan

Unlimited products
Unlimited services
Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited customers
Up to 1,500 sales order/month
Online access
Online access
24/7 technical support

No of user Price (NGN)
Single user NGN 2000/month
Multiple users (2) NGN 2000/month
Multiple users (3-5) NGN 4000/month
Unlimited users NGN 5000/month
Getting started

Purchasing and implementing our software solution is only the beginning.
Once the it is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success
Our support staff is available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.

Signing up is simple.
Fill the sign up form above with no of users that will be using the system. You can add more later.
If you required additional customization or you want to deploy on-premise, please
contact  our sales team.
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